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close to deletion

I got some LJ community invite spam that reminded me I'm still here. I logged in with the intention of deleting my LJ account. First I went and removed all the communities I was ever a part of or watched. Then I removed the vast majority of LJ friends who are now inactive/gone. There's a few of you who still posted this year.

I have been getting strange emails where my email address has been used to sign up for things I didn't do (instagram, tumblr, twitter, photobucket) including some password reset requests I didn't initiate. I think it's time to clean up and move things off this old email address. This is going to take a while.

I'm in Montreal. Things are working out for the better. I'm okay. Hope y'all are, too.

links to save for later...

Woman Has Bizarre Ability To Share Details About Personal Life With Parents -- my parents *wish* this were me.

I Misspoke—What I Meant To Say Is 'I Am Dumb As Dog Shit And I Am A Terrible Human Being' - a great read if you are tired of the non-apology apology.

Family trees: Tracing the world's ancestor: "A question one Radio 4 listener asked about the bloodline between Jesus and King David raised a wider genealogical issue. How many generations does it take before someone alive today is the ancestor of everyone on the planet?" -- most Koreans I meet are able to tell me which famous Korean they are related to (a king or the famous Admiral Yi of the iron-clad turtle ships). But now it seems like everyone is related to everyone else if you go back far enough!

edit to add: 50 Screams of Hate: I read and review Fifty Shades of Grey so you don't have to. AND Fifty Shades Of Grey – Pedophilia Hiding In Plain Sight (Letter from a reader)!!!

Let me cut right to the evidence the letter writer points to: Read more...Collapse )

giddy-up Gangnam Style


So, from what I gather about this video, Gangnam is the posh part of Seoul, and this guy is singing that he has Gangnam style, but obviously he doesn't since he's not relaxing by a fancy poolside but invading some kids' playground. The part where he and two girls are walking out of the stables with random debris flying around and into their faces was pretty funny, especially since you can see that the girl on the left is holding back a laugh by the end. Here are lyrics in translation and in Korean.

I also enjoy the countryside scene with the old grandpas on that wooden platform thing (don't know what it's called) where they are probably playing baduk (Go), because I always wanted one of those for hanging out in the backyard.


GrooVe IP for Android

So I just found and am trying out GrooVe IP which is an app for the Android phone/tablet which lets you *not* use your plan's minutes to make phone calls. This works by using your Google Voice account and number to place calls over your data connection, whether WiFi or 3G/4G. It's $4.99 for the app, so not one of those free or ultra-cheap app. But considering how much I would have to pay per month for one of those Unlimited kind of plans, I decided to take the risk that it was worth it and was going to work.

Right now I'm on some T-Mobile/Walmart special where for 30/month I get 100 minutes, and unlimited text & data. It's the last that I wanted, the unlimited data. And all the other unlimited data plans were for much more money. Well, Virgin Mobile had a prepaid plan for 35/month, but I wanted to use my existing GSM phone (the kind that takes a SIM card in the back, and only T-Mobile and AT&T do that in the US).

So far, so good. Apparently with GrooVe IP, you will need a pretty strong data signal to make the voice/sound quality decent. So I haven't had much chance to test that out. I could probably survive on just 100 minutes a month, so this app is like a $5 insurance policy in case I ever go over. And also, it's pretty neat.

The other caveat is that it works by forwarding your Google Voice to your Google Chat. And then you can't be signed into you Google Chat (on your computer). So after some checking around, I decided to go for a new/different Google Voice number just so that I could stay logged into Google Chat, not that I do that very much, but still, it's good to keep that option, and it's less a big deal for me to change numbers because no one calls me in the first place! ;)

Oh, the other thing I noticed just now is that switching from WiFi to 3G/data seems to sign me out of the Groove IP app, and then I have to sign back in (or tap the notification to prompt the auto-sign-in), so that would be a little annoying if I'm in the middle of a call and having my phone set to automatically switch to WiFi. But hey, unlimited data (first 5GB at high speeds!), so we'll see if it's a probably for me to turn off auto-WiFi...

Anyhow, just FYI in case anyone else was looking for such a thing.


Russia + Livejournal = BBC news

Livejournal makes BBC front page! Of course, it's for the Russian side.

As Russia prepares to elect a new president this weekend, voters are more fired up than they have been for a decade. It's partly due to an internet revolution that has challenged the state's power to control public opinion - and to the blogging platform LiveJournal.

A month before the election, a liberal opposition group carried out a brazen stunt, hanging a massive anti-Putin banner across the river from the Kremlin. It showed the prime minister's face crossed out, and the words "Putin, leave".

The banner was hastily removed, but photos of the action reached millions of Russians via the blog of Ilya Yashin, the group's leader and one of a small army of opposition activists currently spreading their word through the Russian blogosphere.

Even at this early stage, there was a difference between the Russian and American parts of LiveJournal, with Americans using it mainly for diaries rather than for interaction.

The Russians, meanwhile, were creating a community. For them it felt more like a social network.

"They started showing it to their friends and then the nucleus appeared of an initial online community," says Mr Leibov. "It was genuinely the first in that medium of diaries and social networks simultaneously."

Newcomers often started as readers of other blogs but soon began writing their own, he adds.

ZheZhe soon became a plaything of an elite group of Russian internet professionals. Many of them were journalists who publicised the platform further and took it to a still wider readership - it seemed to be fulfilling a basic need in Russian society.

"If there hadn't been ZheZhe, there would have been something else," says Oleg Kashin, a reporter at the newspaper Kommersant, who has also blogged with LiveJournal for 10 years.

It became what Mr Gorny describes as "the most fashionable address on the web", and even a generic term for blog in Russian. By the mid-noughties, 44% of Russian bloggers used it.

Just some snips from the article. It goes on from there. Anyhow, although the English side of LJ remains a has-been, I'm still fascinated by the activity and relevance on the Russian side. Too bad I don't know any Russian.

hoisin stir-fry

I used this recipe, more or less, to make dinner. I used broccoli, carrots, leek, and green onions, along with the ginger and extra garlic of course. It came out pretty well, but maybe I used a bit too much broth, as the flavor wasn't quite there yet. Next time I think I will just squirt some sriracha sauce into the whole thing. This was my first time cooking with hoisin sauce.

I had an awkward step-forward-stop, step-forward-stop encounter with a Prius that snuck up on me at a tiny intersection, with neither of us sure who was giving way and who was going to go forward. If the streets had be completely empty, I think I would have heard the car, but since it was pretty busy with chatty pedestrians and bustling bars and shops, the damn car appeared without the slightest noise. After I decided to charge forward, I listened for the noise of the car as it moved behind me, and I could only just barely make it out because I knew I was listening for it. Very quiet.


feels like I"ve heard this before

So this song, called Sweet Lover or Sweet Love, and I believe by Park Hye Kyung, from the show Dal Ja's Spring—it sounds a *lot* like some other song, but I can't put my finger on it. It's the chorus in particular. Is it sounding like something from The Cardigans (Lovefool or Carnival)? Or Frente!? Or some other 90s band I can't think of right now, but it's bugging me. Is the sound just really similar (if not a rip-off) or am I just confused? The first time I heard this song, I only noticed the chorus and thought it was the Cardigans.

Also, it still surprises me that the 90s was more than ten years ago already. Is this some feeling that happens at the turn of every century, or something that just happens when you can start counting the decades since high school?


well lookee here! um that's all for now. good night!

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LJ app

YES THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT, that being LJ. However, the reviews are not looking so good. Guess it's gonna need some wrinkles ironed out.

LiveJournal Is Alive And Kicking, Brings App To Android opens with this:

I’m going to be really honest about this one: I had no idea that anyone still uses LiveJournal. Much to my surprise, though, it has been going strong all this time – it’s even ranked #71 in the world according to Alexa. After realizing that tidbit of information, it’s not surprising at all that there is now an official LiveJournal App for Android.


quick-ish and easy chickpea salad

What to do with a can or two of beans for dinner?

Got this from the Joy of Cooking, with some adjustments.

Combine in medium bowl:
2 cups canned/cooked chickpeas (aka garbanzo), rinsed & drained
1/2 small red onion, minced (uh, 1/2 a small onion is not enough onion for the 4 servings this is supposed to serve! so I used a whole small red onion, roughly chopped)
3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley (I don't think dried would work as well, to be honest, it need some kind of fresh leafy green herb)
2 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (uh, I cheated with one of those supermarket bottles)
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 to 2 cloves garlic, minced (again, for 4 servings??? so I used 4 cloves, but I did put it through the mincer)
salt & pepper to taste

Mix it all up and spoon the chickpea mixture on top of some kind of salad greens on each plate. Serve at room temp.

I also added some dashes of Tabasco sauce for a little extra kick, and added some frozen green peas and frozen corn. I didn't bother defrosting them which was a bit of a mistake as it took about an hour for it to defrost on its own, so dinner got postponed a bit. So it took a while, and it was still on the chilly side when we ate, but I figure the time it took to defrost gave the salad a chance to mingle and soak up the flavors or whatever real food writers say in these cases.

I also added some chopped black olives simply because we had some that I wanted to use up. Personally, black olives in salad don't do much for me, I prefer green olives with more kick? But I'm sure Al enjoyed it. In his view, salads should have as many different kinds of ingredients as possible. When I was in LA, he was making himself salads with slices of BANANA in them. Gross! I can do other fruits in a savory-ish or balsamic-y salad, but not bananas. He's a little banana-obsessed, however.



good night irene

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